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A real delight for the ears to listen to Ángel Tomás Ripoll playing the works of Joaquín Rodrigo on the guitar.

Siete Días Jumilla

                 july 2022

Ángel Ripoll is now performing internationally with his new recital "Un Viaje Musical por Andalucía", in which he mixes Flamenco with Spanish classical music and some of his own compositions. 

He is a multi-faceted guitarist, simultaneously cultivating flamenco techniques and the subtleties of the classical guitarist, thus being able to cover an extensive repertoire from 16th century vihuela music to the most contemporary music.

He has had the opportunity to perform Joaquín Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez" on three occasions, accompanied by the orchestras of the UCAM in Murcia and the Saint Pierre-Fusterie in Geneva. He is also a member of the duo AD libitum, together with the guitarist Dmitri Timoshenko, enriching the repertoire for two guitars with his own compositions.

As a composer, Ángel has written more than 30 compositions for solo guitar as well as for other instruments. He opts for a simple, direct and personal style, borrowing from the music of the romantic period and film music in a minimalist style, with frequent references to Flamenco and traditional Spanish music.

Ángel started playing the guitar at the age of 8, first under the tutelage of his mother, and later with teachers such as Astour Kirichian and Javier Somoza in Madrid, and Alessio Nebiolo and Dušan Bogdanović in Geneva. He was also able to work with great guitarists such as George Vassilev, Arturo Tallini, Paul Galbraith, Pablo Márquez, Antigoni Goni, Salvador Andrades and the guitar duo Gruber-Maklar. His skills were awarded in several guitar competitions and he received the "Arditi Prize" for the best end of musical studies recital in 2014.

Teacher since 2013, Ángel has years of experience transmitting the art of the guitar to people of all ages and levels. He also completed a pedagogic internship at the Geneva Conservatory in 2017, in Paolo Renzi's guitar class.

He had the privilege of diversifying his skills by studying cello and piano at an early age, and more recently he started to practice the trombone, and also the accordion in a self-taught way.


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